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A Week In My Boutique


Hello and a huge warm welcome to everyone and a warm welcome to our new subscriber's, thank you so much for joining us.

I had a fun time in the Boutique this week, though the weather was just awful and our car ferry out of action, my week was fabulous. I completed my two pieces of art that I had been working on for the last three weeks and started my next piece, I also completed a tunic of my own design made from Cotton/sateen...natural. This is a sample only, this week I will make more in linen and cotton. My art work is made from the fabrics I have left over, so nil wastage. I have also started today to make cushions, again from my left over fabrics...nil waste.

I really enjoy doing this art as I can mix and match, use fun bright colors and really doing what i rules just lots of fun.


overheating...when our bodies become too hot and the effects it has on us.

Just a few things to take on board for next summer, and choose natural rather than synthetic for better health.

- Hot, red, dry, or damp skin.

- fast, strong pulse.

- headache and dizziness.

- confusion.

- losing consciousness...passing out.

These are really important signs to look out for and are serious if not controlled. so, if you're like me. a little over weight and slight HBP, keeping cool in the summer is really vital. remember natural fabrics breath, synthetics do not meaning the air between you and the cloth are trapped. No air no breathing....our skin needs to breath to keep cool in the summer. think to yourself, how would you feel if you wore plastic???? I'll leave it at that.


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Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog, please comment or ask questions and remember to look after yourselves plus share your heart to those in need, radiate from the inside out.


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