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At The Airport-Kerikeri

At Keri Airport picking up my son, great place to start my next blog.

Hello to my beautiful community at Inatthestation Boutique and a warm welcome to our new members, I'm a bit late with my post this week...many apologies as I've been sewing and doing work on the site with my skin care range "Nude Kiwi", this post isn't of this skin care range as I'm going to look into natural fabrics vs synthetic and the health benefits of natural. I'll do a blog another time about my skincare range and the benefits of using Nude Kiwi Skin Care.

Back to fabrics, gosh I've just meet up with some beautiful friends, I forgot to take a Pic of the plane coming in, as busy chatting and there is my son Josh. Ok I will complete my post when I get home. Josh has been away all week on a leadership course along with 200 other teenagers from around NZ.


What are the types of popular natural fabrics available to us:

Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Silk, Wool, Angora, Mohair, Possum and most of these I use/will use in my dress making.

I only sew with natural as it is far better for our health and it feels beautiful against our skin and at the same time looks good.

So why natural??? THEY ARE BREATHABLE - Allowing air to circulate around your body to dry off any excess moisture keeping our bodies cool in hot/summer weather. ANTI-ALALLERGY/ANTI-BACTERIAL - Fabulous for sensitive skin and protects from microbes attack ( Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Archaea.) just to name a few. THEY INSULATE THE BODY - The trapped air in the fabric gives warmth in the winter and cools us in the summer, really unique. THEY ARE SUSTAINABLE - They come from the planet, our earth. The fabrics are biodegradable so they do not harm/pollute our planet.


Don't cover your body with synthetics WHY???

In hot weather you will not be able to cool down easily and remember the fabric will not absorb any water so the fabric will stick to your body which can be very uncomfortable and you will just get hotter and hotter.

In cooler weather synthetics do not hold the heat, the heat will escape from your body making you cold, however you can now buy synthetic blends in which are a lot better and will keep you warm but not like our natural ones.

Remember when the bodies temp go to extremes either high or low our bodies react and not in a good way.... research for next blog.


I've completed our Nude Kiwi Skin Care range so please take a peak as a brilliant skin care product.


Thank you for reading this week's blog, please I appreciate your feedback. Wishing everyone a fabulous week ahead, keep safe with heaps of blessings and love also plenty of prosperity, and may we wish this on others.

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