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February's here already and hello March, our progress so far .

Firstly a big warm welcome to our new family members, thank you for signing up to our news letter/blog and this way you can keep up to date to what we are doing, what's on special, plus see our GWP just for you as a member. . Please feel free to comment, ask questions.

What an amazing month for January/February, we started our very own jewelry collection called PiaJ.

We started off with bracelets and through Jan, and hopefully we will do a course in February on how to make earrings, we know what we want, however to get there is a different story however with some tuition.....hello earrings.

In January we added our drop shipping range to our site, these products come from all around the world giving us the ability to build our range and giving more choices/variety to our customers. They are only on the web site at this stage, click on the link below to have a look. Because they come from places all around the globe the delivery can take up to 3 weeks or more, they are airfreighted however items do take time to clear through customs etc. And if products are coming in from Europe due to the situation over their, it may take longer.

We have an offering of ladies wear plus jewelry for both ladies and gents.

Click to view range, then click on jewelry or clothing in the menu.

More of our drop shipping range.


February/March Specials : 20% Off

MaryKate Silk Ladies Wear & Tree Of Diamonds Ladies Wear.

The full range is in the boutique, and one of the special features for these labels are natural breathable fabrics to keep us cool during these hot summer months. Please remember wearing synthetic fabrics will not allow your skin to breathing enabling you body to heat up and also for toxins to build up. I always say "do the research, it's mighty interesting). Just one more thing.....the skin is the largest organ of the body so it makes sense to allow it to breath, don't suffocate it with synthetics.

Click on clothing in the menu.


February/March Gift With Purchase:

Purchase any of our jewelry products and a receive a complementary Nude Kiwi 30g Cleansing Milk our gift to you from us, see below. This is a amazing milk cleanser that completely nourishes and sooths your skin and at the same time gently cleaning your skin leaving your skin feel soft and revitalized. This is for all age groups and perfect for sensitive skin types. It is naturally scented with rose geranium essential oil and is enriched with Vitamin E.

This also includes our very own jewelry products we made in January and our drop shipping option on our site.

This only applies to our In at the station Boutique Family that have signed up to our news letter. We only post out twice a month so not to over whelm your email inbox.


We are also an Affiliate seller for GROUNDED KIWI

Discover the wonders of Grounded Kiwi, a charming family venture nestled in New Plymouth, Taranaki, dedicated to Earthing Products. Earthing, also known as grounding, unveils the profound benefits of connecting with the Earth's natural electric charge, fostering deep physiological stability, alleviating inflammation, pain, and stress, enhancing blood circulation, energy levels, and sleep quality, while promoting overall well-being. From grounding mats for your bed to Wi-Fi units, Grounded Kiwi boasts an extensive array of products designed to keep you and your home energetically grounded. Embrace the essence of this remarkable Kiwi brand and elevate your vitality.


Self care.

Having a cool refreshing drink:

It is so important to hydrate to your needs, and in summer we may need more however it's not good to over do it as it can/may put a demand on our vital organs, so if you swell up in the summer time and at the same time drinking gallons of water???? Do the research and you may just want to cut back.

Eating refreshing fruit and verge's is also a fabs way to hydrate and at the same time adding essential V to the process. Here is one of my favs....To eat and to add to a drink.

Take note, surgery and caffeine drinks can contribute to dehydration so have in moderation or simply avoid. This is based on my own experience and research/study(I am not a medical professional). Please research.

Cucumber & Mint Coollee

Cold water or sparkling water.

Ice cubes

Mint leaves

Sliced Cucumber

Sliced lemon or lime

No sugar requires

Vodka optional....maybe not.

In a tall glass add 1/4 ice cubes, thinly chopped mint, add a few slices of lime/lemon and sliced cucumber. Top up with water/sparkling water. Let stand for a couple of minutes then indulge. This can also be made in a jug and place in the fridge and sip on all day long. I do stress, avoid using plastic as it's so much better drinking from a glass and using a glass /crockery jug. I enjoy Cucumber sticks to munch on or have any of your favs on the side, again avoid sugary foods. This is all about refresh and hydrate, give it a go and feedback most welcome.


What to look forward to in March

Earings by us.

Need to complete and pass the course at the moment we are investing in materials to make our own jewelry and its been a experience as we are wanting really good quality beads and a point of difference etc...there is a lot out their and a lot to sieve through ....all in a days work and a lot of fun as we love bling.

Adding to our Aloe Vera Range

We are adding a pure Aloe Vera Juice to the Aloe range with no added sugar or water. This is great for delicate digestive issues/system IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome as it deals with inflammation, also fabulous for Corhns Disease surfer's, again inflammation. They come in 1ltr containers in Berry, Peach and Natural, Berry for me is my fave. And great for heart burn!!!.

Building our men's offering instore.

The men keep asking "what about us" so we have samples arriving early March. We have decided to go with a casual however stylish linen range that is truly affordable and from what we have seen so far really, really nice. This is a project that will develop over time....we are very excited about and so are the men. Ladies, the look is rather Italianish, if that makes sense.

Gearing up for winter.

Its still very hot and probably sounds crazy to even think of winter, I've been looking at some stunning linen ladies wear made in Italy, beautiful casual styles and this year we will have cozy and very stylish cardies and jumpers. These will arrive early to mid April, we will let everyone know.


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to every one for your support over the past few months and thank you for taking the time out to read our news letter/blog. Please look after yourselves and each other and always share your love.

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