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Mother's day week

Cheers "here's to every day, every day is a special day, and to share your life and give love to your born is so, so sacred".

Happy, happy mother's day to all the mums around the world, truly a special moment.. we need to celebrate for the whole week, do something special for yourself every day from meeting for lunch with friends or having a beautiful day in your garden....celebrate.

I spent a fabulous, wonderful day in my garden enjoying the warmth from the sun and the chance to spend some quite time thinking of happy moments with my mum when she was on this earth. my mum was a very keen gardener and just loved spending time with the roses, pansies and fuchsia's. I have to say I love them as well. below is one of my fuchsia plants.



last week just touched on the matter, personally this summer by changing what I wore made a huge difference to how I felt. I ensured I wore loose fitting garments and focused on natural fabrics. I also reviewed the amount of water/fluids I consumed...for another day as this also gave me a better outcome.

when we wear synthetic fabrics in hot weather and we find ourselves overheating our bodies perspire/sweat, this is how the body naturally cools, it is also how our bodies detox. when that moisture has nowhere to go/breath, it stays on our skin making the clothes stick to us(not a nice feeling), and we do not cool down. no air gets through, we simply get hotter, and hotter and some people may suffer body odor just to add and all the time we are putting ourselves through undue stress. so what happens???for some people the below

- heatstroke

- fast, strong pulse

- feel faint/dizzy

- pass out

- dehydration

- swollen ankles/feet

- swell up

- hot, red, dry, or damp skin

- confusion

wearing synthetics is like wrapping yourself in plastic cling wrap, no air in and no air out.

our skin is the largest organ of the body, let it breath in nature.

nylon and polyester and two of the popular ones, rayon is also included however is derived from wood pulp, I will dive into this next Sunday as rayon/viscose is actually quite beautiful.


this is my boutique, the entrance to a world of dreams. once inside all the noises from the world are gone.

and welcome to rawene down town, a perfect summer day and at the end of the road is the sea, the hokianga harbor. what a beautiful blessing to be here.


I wish everyone a beautiful week with lots of love, fun, heaps of laughs, tones of prosperity and the will within your hearts to help others.

next week I have a fabulous hot chocolate recipe to share, and hopefully I will have my videos sorted as had trouble with them tonight.

PS Has anyone had hot chocolate with salt and pepper???

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