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My ware's "tree Of diamonds"

A huge warm welcome to my community at "In At the station boutique and thankyou for taking time out to read my blog. read to the end to see what I am doing for month of June....not tricking, June the month of skincare promotional activity.

My very first time being model and doing the pics, a lot of fun, not too perfect however extremely real. Let me show you what I mean.

I designed this tunic and sewed it myself a couple of weeks ago, its linen/cotton and i wore it over a black cotton slip I made at the same time. It actually looked really good apart from the black woolen socks and black boots I had on however it all actually fitted in well together. My clothing label Tree Of Diamonds is all about wearing breathable, loose fitting cloths for better health and to look and feel beautiful too. This is my first ever video made via Wix, enjoy.

fabric update:

wearing non natural fabrics like Linen, Cotton, Hemp just to name a few. I'm picking Viscos/rayon as this is a beautiful fabric to wear and looks absolutely elegant on. though not all synthetic, i enjoy wearing it as it is cool, has a beautiful drop/flow and the colors and patters are just amazing.
what is rayon Viscose???

Viscose is a semi-synthetic fabric commonly used as a substitute for silk. It was developed in the late the century after a silkworm blight made natural silk—which was already very expensive—almost completely unaffordable. It became hugely popular because of the way it draped on the body. however due to the process in making the product my first choice is still natural.

Viscose is not quite synthetic, as it's made from cellulose (as all early plastics were), but it is not quite natural either, due to the extensive chemical transformations it is put through.

Traditionally, cellulose can be derived from many different sources, from wood fiber to bamboo to seaweed. It is first broken down with caustic soda, also known as lye or sodium hydroxide. Then, it is treated with carbon disulfide and diluted with more caustic soda, which results in the viscous syrup that was the source of its name. This syrup is then pumped through tiny holes of the spinning shower into a bath of diluted sulfuric acid, sodium sulfate, and zinc sulfate, where it congeals into fibers of almost pure cellulose.

Is viscose more sustainable than fully synthetic fabrics? Viscose is more sustainable than all-synthetic fabrics in the sense that it's biodegradable. The chemical process used to make viscose, however, is extremely polluting and not widely accepted as sustainable compared to natural fibers.

welcome to Nudi & nude skincare products

all natural and made in new Zealand, nude kiwi is from nelson and Nudi point the very opposite end of nz, from Kaitaia.
I have both ranges is my boutique, I call it my "Nudi corner" and also on my website store. I am still loading all the products for Nudi Point however the top sellers are available.

Meet Blair Coates.

Owner / Director of Nudi Point Ltd Kaitaia.

Our mission is to merge knowledge from nature and science in a unified manner to provide a skin care range, free of harmful chemicals, with environmentally friendly practices that are beneficial to the mind, body and soul.

We are a positive organization having respect and compassion for our customers, our community and the environment. We believe that positive emotion is essential for creativity, flourishing and relationship building and that positive energy creates an upward spiral making the world a more positive place.

Our products are lovingly hand-crafted with oils, butters, flowers, clays, extracts and infusions. We will not use parabens, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, PEGs, phenoxyethanol or sodium laurel/laureth sulphate, or ANY nasty chemicals.
NUDI POINT products are about you. Mind, body and soul.

I personally guarantee that each product is made with all natural ingredients. Based around the beneficial uses of pure therapeutic grade essential oils - they are safe for the environment and naturally not tested on animals.

I hope you love them as much as me.



meet the owners Emily & Ajith from Nude Kiwi Nelson.

Our journey started in when we began to think about the amount of plastic waste we were generating.
As a way of reducing this waste and taking control of what we were using on our skin, we started to develop a luxury natural skincare range which was kind to both our skin and the environment.

After two years of development, we launched Nude Kiwi Natural Skincare in November twenty twenty.
We are happy to be sending Nude Kiwi products to our customers around the country, and are proud to be stocked in boutique stores across New Zealand.

"We love creating beautifully fragranced New Zealand made natural skincare and we are so happy to share it with you. Thank you for supporting New Zealand made." - Emily & Ajith, Nude Kiwi


We love everything natural and that’s what we’ve included in our products. All of our ingredients have been specifically selected as they are naturally-derived, contain no parabens or sulfates, and bring the benefits of nature to your skin.

Nude Kiwi combines marine collagen with powerful antioxidants and vitamins from kiwifruit and natural extracts and oils, proven to protect your skin against environmental stress and promote healthy skin regeneration. Even though some of our ingredients have scientific names, you can rest easy knowing that they are all naturally sourced and included for a reason.

​Palm oil free | Cruelty free

I wish everyone a beautiful week and I hope everyone had a restful, vibrant weekend enjoying what you love doing best.
next week I'll again touch on these two skincare products as they are really amazing and they work. In June I will be promoting our skincare range instore and on line, so please look out for the give aways in the month of June.
Please leave a comment, feedback or a like.

Do have a fabulous and prosperous week and always offer that hand for some one in need.

Share the love within you and bring a smile to ones life....Thank you

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