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New Dresses at the shop

I always ask myself "how did I get into designing and sewing garments for my boutique" I quickly realized that my customers were wanting something different that they could fit/wear with lovely fabrics....hmmmm, that's when it came to me to make and design my own clothing range. Is this my background??? not at all, however I love with all to create with beautiful exciting colors and designs and at the same time working with nature. I purchase all my fabrics through a New Zealand company, the designs/colors of the fabrics are done by NZ artists and then the fabrics are milled all over the world.


This colorful dress is made from 100% Japanese cotton, I focus on sewing only with natural fabrics as they are comfortable to wear, look totally stunning and better for our health in which I will go int depth later on. This is where it all starts to fit in, I studied emergency medicine/aid and volunteered for St John Ambulance NZ for quite some time so health is a huge thing to me. And to-do whatever we can is paramount.

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