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Sunny Sunday in the hoki

a warm Welcome to everyone and especially to our new comers to this weeks news letter.

firstly congratulations to our two winners to last weeks product give away of nude kiwi hand serum with all natural ingredients. the question was, where does nude kiwi come from and the answer was nelson, south island, nz. again, congratulations to you both for being the first two winners by answering the question correctly & I sincerely hope that you are both enjoying the hand serum by nude kiwi.

last weeks recipe for spicey ginger hot chocolate

I totally got side tracked last Sunday re my recipe for spicey ginger hot chocolate, this is fabulous just before bed or if your feeling really cold through the day, it truly warms you up and it tastes great.

I took these pics on my deck as it was a stunning sunny, warm day for June and it gave me the opportunity to drink my spicey ginger hot chocolate outside in the sun and breath in the fresh air & what a difference it makes you feel.

using a average size cup: (this is my mums tea set, really pretty and beautiful to drink from, thanks mum).


one teaspoons powdered ginger.

two teaspoons drinking chocolate, I use avalanche as not too sweet and a good price. please use what you love however sugar is not added to this drink as not needed so the less sugar the better the taste.

ground pink Himalayan salt, a couple of twists/or to taste. yes salt

milk of your choice, I used dairy milk however soy, almond, oat milk will be fine. I think rice milk will be to thin as not enough body/fullness. again please your choice.

boiled hot water.


place all dry ingredients into the cup, add the hot water and let sit for a minute then add your milk. Give it a good stir and enjoy, you could make this with all milk and I feel that it would be rather tasty as a smoothie in the summer for a morning get going drink. please try and enjoy, let me know your thoughts and if you have a special recipe for a water drink don't hold back.


what's new in the boutique???? vintage ladies cloths

some of the brands are: anne mckay - bliss - Issey Miyake - ventilo - Carly macris

just to name a few, these are truly beautiful & a very rare find. these pieces are the originals with labels intact, the fabrics range from silk to Marino and cashmere wool made in Italy, France, nz, Japan. they will be on display from tomorrow onwards in my boutique and on line mid week, I will send out a notification to everyone, so if your interested please let me know. I am so excited, truly spoilt and honored to have these articles on display, supplied by designer/maker anne mckay of nz. I will be with anne this week for a chat, next week I will do a story on her magical journey as a designer/maker ....I feel it will take me more than just one week to tell her story because it reminds me of a magical carpet taking you all around the world because that's where Anne's career has taken her and we are so blessed we have her here in rawene, thank you anne.


skin care

Is it important to use skin care products???

yes & yes, external and internal & both as important.

External: put on your skin.

Internal: Consume by drinking or eating.

Both the above are as important as each other, natural/organic is best rather than a chemical base.

two nasties to avoid: formaldehyde and parabens both are preservatives and chemical based, they absorb through your skin into your body and can/may course havoc. Ve is a natural preservative, so natural products should not/will not have these two ingredients but ve as a preservative.

that's why I ranged nude kiwi & nudi point for their natural ingredients and new Zealand made.

we have another give away at the end of this news letter, first two people to answer the question correctly wins a product from nudi point.

here are a couple of tips for healthy, vibrant looking skin at any age: firstly, getting adequate rest/sleep, riding stress as best as you can in a way you fully enjoy & laugh, smile & take time for you. secondly, eat foods high in vitamin c, remember vc is all about cell re-newel, do some research and you will is a key component to good health and good skin plus cell rejuvenation-healing-re newel. this is nothing new however sometimes missed, taken for granted or not really bothered with it. so everyday see what you are doing to boost your vc and please share with us, if you need some idea's please let me know. I will be happy to help.

what's good to put on your face to hydrate, to brighten, to left, to rejuvenate, to make me look younger. wow, is there anything out there that can do all of this???well yes there are some products that work and will do some of it or a lot more of it but here tonight ill share my personal experience with nudi & nude and why I feel its a product that works. I will touch on nudi point this week & will look at their pure organic rosehip oil (you cant get much better than that).

rosehips have more vc than oranges & lemons, it thought that rosehip oil has the highest amount of vc out of all fruit & vegetables. the fabulous thing about rosehip oil or vc that it helps support collagen production and as we age our collagen becomes less, so the importance of vc is paramount to enable our bodies to keep up production. so thinking of that, it is paramount to attain the strongest/beneficial vc that you can.

here is what Blair has to say about nudi point organic rosehip oil.

Our 100% pure certified organic oil is naturally rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and brimming with natural nutrients and vitamins.  Rosehip Oil is a truly remarkable natural product with amazing skin rejuvenating and hair conditioning properties. It has been used for generations by the Andean Indians of Chile who recognized years ago that Rosehip oil had exceptional healing skin care and hair care benefits. 
12 Remarkable Benefits & Uses Of Rosehip Oil

1. Anti-damage elasticity boost - for aging or depleted skin 
2. Ideal for lines/wrinkles/scars
3. Addresses uneven skin tone
4. Dry hair
5. Nourishing oil for dry skin
6. Dull hair
7. Moisturizer
8. Dandruff 
9. Sunburn
10. Nourish brittle nails
11. Premature aging
12. Make your skin glow


Blair is the owner/maker of nudi point and started his journey twenty years ago, and only went to market with his products eight years ago. I feel this is a huge success story and I believe what he makes & what he states are true. so for me the higher the vc the better the product is, I use the rosehip oil at night as when we sleep our bodies heal, we rejuvenate, we are at rest (unless we are having a nightmare)our bodies are at rest, that's why the drs say "go home and sleep) when we are sick. so our last meal should be packed with vc & so with our skincare. wow that's my give away "rosehip oil" to the first person with the correct answer.


I also love their products as they are natural and a couple of them are organic certified, which is huge, plus made in Kaitaia new Zealand and we stock there full skin/body care products at the boutique and just about the full range on line.


question time for two give aways

first person to answer this question to receive rosehip oil

what products of nudi point are organic certified???

Second person to answered this question to receive a pottle of lip balm.

how long ago did Blair start his venture of nudi point???

good luck lovelies

and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my news letter.


I wish everyone a wonderful week, please feel free to comment, to let us know how you are and what you are doing as we are here to lift each other up, give support and to share experiences.

the world is a tough place, and a smile, a hand, a thought can make a huge difference to a persons day & to our day.

heaps off fabulous days to everyone and thank you.

a smile makes a huge difference to a day.

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