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Welcome to January "What's happening for Jan"

A huge Happy New Year to our Inatthestation Family....2024 is going to be fantastically amazing for all.

I would like to express my gratitude and deep thanks to all of you for your commitment to our brand/business and your positive sincere encouragement through 2023


Our new jewelry range!!!

We set up in late December on our site beautiful bright and fun jewelry, this is part of our drop shipping products from all around the world. This gives us added variety plus gorgeous jewelry at a very reasonable price. We also have added a men's offering in store and on our site this includes rings, bracelets and sun glasses at this stage and will be adding through the year.

We are so excited about this range and we will be adding new products all the time, we are now working on stocking some of these lines in our boutique and in that way when you pop in you can see them before you make a purchase.

We are also working on our men's offering and have got some rather great leather bangles, these are excellent quality as we had them in the boutique and sold them rather quickly, we are ordering now for the boutique plus men's sunglasses, rings and an assortment of accessories. If interested please contact me and I can let you know when they are in stock or you can order them directly off our website.

Because these lines are international, the delivery can take up to 4 weeks. We are currently looking at our options on how to speed the fright time up.


Specials for January 2024

Tree Of Diamonds Wide Leg Ladies 20% Off.

In store only .

Marykate Silk Ware 10% Off

On line and in store.

All natural fabrics, silk and cotton

linen making them very cool to wear in these hot summer months. Our range is exclusive to our boutique, meaning only one of each sku.


Lip Protection

During these hot dry and at times windy summer months it's a good idea to wear a nourishing lip balm/butter to avoid dry cracked lips. When in this condition it can be painful and very irritating plus can be a sightly matter. So to moisturize your lips is a good way to avoid those concerns and have your lips looking good, tasting good and feeling good. We stock the Nudi Point range and all through January we are doing sampling in store, this is a great way to try the product before you buy...making a informed decision.

These items are delightful to use and so refreshing and moisturizing....3 applications a day will do the job for healthy nourished lips plus men, you can use them too....the mint is my personal pick. These products are all natural, full of natural goodness and made in Kaitaia NZ.

January Gift With Purchase - Nudi Lip Balm/Butter

Buy 2 and get the 3rd one free, they work out to be $8.00 each...a fabulous of $4.00 per unit(the lip balm/butter will be a tube or jar and the variety will on availability. And while stocks last).

Please visit our site for more product information and any purchases you may wish to-do.

I wish everyone a fabulous month and enjoy this wonderful hot settled weather we are having. Do keep hydrated and one of my fav's is adding fresh chopped mint to my iced water or soda water with a slice of lime, enjoy.

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