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Welcome to my fashion & gift boutique - in at the station

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

My first Blog on my first ever web site so to everyone, a huge beautiful hello and welcome!!!

This is I at my boutique in Rawene, Hokianga Harbor, Northland.

What I love to focus on:

My clothing/fashion label is called Tree Of Diamonds, my focus is for plus sizing and I only work with natural fabrics. I do not mass produce, I will only make 3 styles out of one style of fabric.

Here I am wearing one of my tunics and wide leg pants I made, they are really easy to wear and fabulous as casual day wear.

Our Boutique has 3 main categories, Clothing, Natural Skin Care and Jewlery. I have a strong focus on New Zealand made and supporting our local artists/crafters.

More of my wide leg pants made from linen, this picture was taken in-store.

Again welcome to my web site and each week I would like to share what I do and what's coming up in my boutique. I still have a lot of work to complete on my web site however I know the wait will be worth it.

I would love you to subscribe to my site and become a VIP as I do have some really lovely Gifts with Purchase coming up and I am currently working on a fabulous promotional schedule for the rest of the year.

I would love you to leave a comment, browse the site and sign up to receive my fabulous News Letter and to know what specials and GWP are coming up and also to be informed of our new arrivals and what my plans are for the next week or month or just simply to keep in touch.

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