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Our Clothing Label Tree of Diamonds 

We take pride in offering an exclusive touch – Tree of diamonds, only produces three pieces of any single fabric design, though we're always ready to revisit a design if the demand arises.

Our unwavering focus centers on providing extraordinary options for plus-sized women with Elegance.

Every piece is meticulously handcrafted right here in Rawene, New Zealand, in our boutique studio. Our designs prioritize comfort and flair, ensuring you experience the perfect blend of loose-fitting elegance and creative simplicity. We're all about those fabulous fabrics that not only exude quality but also celebrate your individuality. Join us in celebrating your curves, your style, and your distinctiveness!

Tree Of Diamonds - NZ
Mary Kate - AUS
Losbanditos - Turkey  

Love ourselves first!!!!

We pride ourselves on a high level of customer care and value the needs of our customers first. 

We focus on natural breathable fabrics for optimum comfort and well-being from linen, silk, cotton, wool and hemp, knowing that these fabrics will not only be fabulous on but will feel beautiful, soft & enchanting against your skin keeping you cooler through the hot summer months.

We also focus on the feel of the fabric, the color and the design of the fabric, bringing you a comfortable and joyful garment that you will enjoy season after season.

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